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Killing Cancer Like the Common Cold


Nick Wilkins was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 4 years old, and when the cancer kept bouncing back, impervious to all the different treatments the doctors tried, his father sat him down for a talk.

John Wilkins explained to Nick, who was by then 14, that doctors had tried chemotherapy, radiation, even a bone marrow transplant from his sister.

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Crazay2706d ago

I can't express how hopeful I am that this is the step needed to really bring major change to cancer treatments.

gaffyh2706d ago

Hopefully it will become more widespread, seems like a possible cure to cancer.

thorstein2706d ago

Well, if the dbags that stood up against Stem Cell research a decade ago, hadn't.. .this kid might have been cured years ago.

Crazyglues2705d ago

So wait am I reading this right, is this really a possible cure for cancer.. My Uncle died from cancer..

-And just the thought of a possible cure- Wow, I really can't put it into words how amazing that would be.

The cure for Cancer, it's almost sounds crazy to think this could actually be possible..

How amazing would that be to be able to say dying from cancer ended in 2013


frelyler2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Sadly there is no money to be made from cures, so companies will make sure these hunter cells have a half-life to keep profits up. The fact this info was known about 15 years ago and is just today making it's way to humans proves there is something very wrong with pharmaceutical companies and the political influence they hold in the US and around the world. Very cool article nonetheless.

SilentNegotiator2706d ago

No money to be made on multiple months of personalized care? Are you deranged?

frelyler2706d ago

I'm not deranged at all, look at current pharmaceutical companies and what they offer. Do you ever see an advertisement for a "cure." No you see ads for treatments. Do you see ads for antibiotics, no. Do you see ads for small pox vaccines, no. Have you ever heard the word cure in any pharmaceutical ad? Cancer is too big of a political issue to try and extort money out of people who will die otherwise. Curing people, even if it involves a few treatments is not as sustainable a business model as treatments are. Companies care about profits and that's where the energy goes.

thorstein2706d ago

He is absolutely right. How can you make billions of dollars curing something when treatment is such a ludicrous option.

And as for the article claiming "A Whole New Realm of Medicine" BS Europe has been doing this for awhile. Oh, and Payton Manning says hello.

He received stem cell therapy for his neck injury.... I think it worked.

SilentNegotiator2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

"I'm not deranged at all, look at current pharmaceutical companies and what they offer. Do you ever see an advertisement for a "cure." No you see ads for treatments"

That's because there AREN'T any universal cures. Even this experimental treatment only saved a most of the few people it has been used on, and they no doubt only used it on people they were fairly sure it would work on.

You can't seriously believe that because some multi-billion dollar companies are making lots of money with drugs, there are NO multi-billion dollar companies willing to make lots of money instantly taking over the cancer industry with a magical super "cure" that takes very personalized care and months, can you?

KwietStorm_BLM2705d ago

Personalized care is not a cure, it's personalized care. All these medicines out here treat symptoms or suppress them. They don't fix the actual problem.

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Crazay2706d ago

I've heard this argument many times and yes, I think that there's some merit to it but the first company to come up with a cure/vaccine/real treatment will make a crapload of money for as long as the patents last for (20 yrs if not mistaken?). We're talking BILLIONS AND BILLIONS. There's loads of money to be made for a long time.

SilentNegotiator2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Exactly. Only people in tin foil hats think that there is "no money to be made" in cures for cancer. That's a downright psychotic suggestion.

frelyler2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )


In highschool we got a new chemistry teacher. Before becoming a teacher he worked for a pharmeceutical company developing treatments for cancer. During his career his father got cancer and died. He devoted all of his time and effort into his research and wanted to cure that which killed his father. He explained that at the time (1998) his research involved making cells that sought out cancer cells and delivered the chemo treatments to the cancer cells only, that way they would not kill all of the good cells as well. This teacher was way over qualified for the position and when he was explaining all of this to us we all asked why he left that job and wanted to teach at a high school level. His answer that was during his research his boss came to him and said they were not interested in curing the cancer and did not want their treatment to work so well that cancer would no longer be a serious ailment. He left the field because of his disillusionment and realizing he was helping perpetuate something that took his father. Tell him he wears a tin foil hat. I will never forget that teacher or story. It's all about profits and if you cure something a lot of others are making billions off of already you create quite a few enemies. Ignorance truly is bliss for some.

thorstein2698d ago


Ask that same question, but replace "cures for cancer with "solutions to fossil fuel energy."

Maybe that will help you see how things really work.

snake_eater2706d ago

Im very happy for this kid and everyone involved in this, hope this is will be the start of something wonderful for all of us.

These people are true heroes.

Audiggity2706d ago

Training T-Cells to fight cancer??? This is awesome! One of the first science driven steps towards evolving the human race.

With no natural predators, evolution will (fortunately or unfortunately) head in the direction of genetic enhancements. Starting with training cells to kill off cancer? That is a fantastic start.

ajax172705d ago

Sorta off topic, but this site needs a renovation or something. We need tags with medicine, biology, etc. Just a thought.

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