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10 Technologies From the Decade That Deserved Death

If there’s one thing we’ve all realized by now is that the late 90′s possibly gave us the WORST technologies and late 2K’s was an era that not only gave us the BEST technology but also saw a leap frog in technical evolution. But what really happened in between? From probably 1999 to 2010 – we take a look at technology that aimed to change lives; but ended up in garbage bins. While it’s not a hard timeline, we certainly did take the liberty to call out some of tech fails from 2010 through the past year as well.

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gizmig2706d ago

Yes, that seems to be pretty harsh. As these must be the gadgets that is the base of what we are getting nowadays.

gamedruid2706d ago

thanks folks! I agree with all comments - ultimately everything evolves into something right? but the ones that did horribly is what we wanted to call out.