Exclusive: Massive Intel Roadmap 2014 Leak - 1 New Processor, 4 Platform Updates, Tablet Centric

WCCF: We have just received a massive leak of Intel's 2014 Roadmap. The Roadmap is Tablet Centric and shows 1 New Processor and 4 Platform Updates including the launch of Intel's New Merrifield Platform.

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xZeratul-DTM2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Looks like Intel is feeling pretty comfortable at this point, as if their sitting tight waiting to see where AMD goes with their FX Series, as it still hasn't matched mid-high end core i7s

*Edit* I think they have something under their hats, even if it is just improved i7 technology that they won't announce until AMD have released their new range of APUs & Intel will wait it out and test how well the consumers warm up to APU technology.