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3 discoveries on Mars by Curiosity We may not have our feet on Mars yet, but we do have wheels rolling on the red sand. What has Curiosity told us about one of Earth’s closest neighbours?

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level 3602968d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

3rd one nails it for mankind and the Mars manned-exploration.

I think next time they set-up another space mission to the "red" planet, NASA should just add drone-like-choppers attached with timed-homing devices on them along with the rovers they send over there.

Once the machines are there all NASA needs is to sync the drones over to the rovers.

Vojkan2967d ago

good that nasa has you to explain

Dark_king2967d ago

Drone-Like-Choppers wouldn't last very long.The sand would kill it quick and that's without a sand storm.

Gondee2967d ago

They could survive, but the federal regulation has a very low lifetime exposure limit. Moon and back probably had 50 times the exposure. Perhaps major advances in radiation shielding will be found though this. Space exploration is massively beneficial for society!

spicelicka2967d ago

maybe we can send mutants out there, since they're mutated anyway.