Don't Attempt Fake Xbox One Backwards Compatibility "Trick" Microsoft Warns!

ThatNaijaBlog - Backward compatibility is not available for the Xbox One and this isn't a development a plethora of gamers like to see. The Xbox One has been designed in a way that repels Xbox 360 games but some persons claim to have deciphered how to reverse the standard mode of Xbox One operation, thus allowing the console to play games originally built for the Xbox 360.

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SITH2550d ago

I have to admit, this is irresponsible of Microsoft. They should have used a coded lock for these particular settings.

NarooN2550d ago

I don't see how the X1 would even magically emulate the 360's entire architecture and hardware like that. None of the 360's hardware is physically present on the X1's MOBO.

Gondee2550d ago

This literally is not possible. Everything down to the base instructions the CPU receives is different from the 360. There will be no magic trick. That said, and x86 360 emulator does exist on the PC, and its not outside the realm of possibility to port it to the One. Doubt it will happen doe

Gondee2550d ago

I was wrong, the sites that say they have Xbox 360 emulators are scams. None currently exist. fyi

Soldierone2550d ago

I wish there was a "use common sense" button in life lol

2550d ago