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Maximum PC | HP Spectre XT TouchSmart Review

Maximum PC: The Spectre XT TouchSmart is HP’s creme-de-la-creme consumer Ultrabook. In some ways, it lives up to that lofty mantle; in others, it doesn’t. The notebook is attractive all right, in a brushed-metal-chassis, black-island-keyboard kind of way. We also like that the interior is free of branding, save the Beats Audio logo on the speaker grill. But if the term “Ultrabook” conjures up images of dainty thin-and-lightness, the Spectre TouchSmart XT will cure you of that. The 15.6-inch all-aluminum body looks sleek enough—and its .87-inch height is within Intel’s Ultrabook specification—but its lap weight of nearly five pounds (close to six pounds with the power brick) will surprise you with its heft. At least it did us.

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