Alienware Wants to Abduct Your Console, Will Pay $200 with PC Purchase

Maximum PC: Alienware just expanded its trade-in program to include current consoles and is willing to pay $200 for your used Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3, or Microsoft Xbox 360 when you purchase a new rig. The timing couldn't be any better, because with both Microsoft and Sony getting ready to launch new consoles next month, the value of these systems has never been lower. Trading in a Nintendo Wii is an especially interesting proposition.

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Speed-Racer2447d ago

I bought an Alienware 14 the other day. Bad Luck Brian seems to have struck. Both the mobo and hard drive were faulty on delivery.

Nodoze2445d ago

Alienware is not what they used to be. They are plastic cheap pcs now. Sad how far they have fallen.

All marketing, no bite.

wishingW3L2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

true. You have to be an uninformed idiot to buy an Alienware. Especially with how overpriced they are that when you compare the performance per dollar ratio it's simply ridiculous.

hellvaguy2443d ago

I stick with asus laptops for the price and decent quality. My next purchase might be a Malibal laptop (based off sager/clevo). More expensive but higher quality and you can upgrade the graphics cards on them.