Why Internet Speed in America Lags Behind the Rest of the World ?

Chillopedia: Once upon a time, America was the indisputable leader in innovation. It had the best telecommunications infrastructure, the most advanced technology and things other countries could only dream of having, like satellites and Internet. Now, America is the one lagging behind. That includes high-speed Internet connections.

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SITH1819d ago

Answer: dirt bag corporations.

GameSpawn1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Actually America's infrastructure is too damn big to keep up with the pace of technology without some sort of government subsidy. I hate to give companies like Cox, Comcast, Verizon and others the benefit of the doubt, but internet technology moves damn fast.

ISP's barely get tech installed in their major areas before it is outdated and needs to be replaced with newer upcoming tech. It's a stupid game of cat and mouse and because of the size of the US, the cat is always far far behind.

Physically smaller countries (any European country -- Russia aside, Japan, Korea, etc.) can easily and cheaply in comparison upgrade their internet infrastructure at pace with new technologies and offer faster speeds than the US.

The only way the US can keep up is if the government pitched in and subsidized the cost to upgrade the US internet infrastructure. Now here is the problem with THAT...the US has far more important concerns than "slow internet". Don't get me started on other aspects of infrastructure that are "deficient" and need repair or upgrading, such as bridges, that don't even see enough money or man power to be addressed and taken care of.

SITH1819d ago

I tottally agree. Isn't it just nice that the house found 60 million to fix the US Capitol, but can not find a dime to fix aging bridges dropping people into the water?

frelyler1819d ago

Actually you are wrong. There was a percentage point at one point given to how much tech companies like Comcast and AT&T actually spend on updating their infrastructure. This percentage point was given because the question was asked of why the internet is so expensive in the US, but not as good as the rest of the world. Basically the fees that companies tell you are going to updating their service is mostly going towards their profits and not actually improving anything. These companies are lying about it and to suggest they need a subsidized cost from the government is ridiculous. Look at the profits of the companies you mentioned and then try and tell me they need a break. Greed and profit margins are why our internet lags behind. It's the American way.

Deadpoolio1819d ago

Wow Dumbest thing I've read all day.....No it has nothing to do with corporations being dirt bags...However it has EVERYTHING to do with EVERYONE in America being too lazy to invest in upgrading the country's network infrastructure, It's called not keeping up with the speeding forward technology

SITH1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

You call it dumb because you do not clearly understand the problem. ISP providers are corporate buisnesses. These corporations have provided minimal service, for high prices by cooperating with their own rivals, to maximize profits with in this case a slow product. Anyone who tries to increase the Internet speed beyond the threshold of major ISP providers like comcast, and AT&T are subjected to aggressive tactics, strong government lobbying action to squeeze them out of buisness. Only companies as massive as google can compete, and exceed the forced threshold of slow internet in a market ran by major corporations with money and a better product. Also America's Internet is extremely costly for the speeds we get, which is partly to blame for only two-thirds of American adults having home access to broadband. And those that do are getting ripped off. But in your allegedly brilliant little magical world, it has nothing to do with corporations and their lobbying strangle hold on government to suppress competition. It is just us lazy people not willing to invest. Fucking ridiculous. Invest in who might ask? What corporation? Because last I checked, there are not kick starter ISPs providing high speed world competitive internet at low cost to invest in? Till then STFU.

Obamanationn1819d ago

telling ppl for years , Japanese developers make terrible net code because they have no idea what lag is

kingPoS1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

That's funny in that it's kinda true. I hear they have speeds over a gigabit for consumers already. I think that's part of the reason the PS3 started out with T-base 1000 over T-base 100.

Edit: In GT5 some Japanese players lag less than the locals. Go figure! lol

NarooN1819d ago

Yeah, my mind was blown a few years back when I realized how fast Japanese and Korean internet was. It's ridiculous, it makes our (I live in the U.S.) speeds look like 56k in comparison.

thehitman1819d ago

Ya but look at the size of the countries a spec compared to the US. To rewire the US like that would cost 1000x the amount. What gamespawn said is pretty spot on. The only states that can keep up are the high populated states that rely on such instracture NY etc... and even then being at the highest of the totem poll in the US we are slacking slightly compared to SOME countries around the rest of the world.

Also to note we shouldnt complain TOO much because there are a lot LOT more countries with crappier infrastructures by far then we have. You can probably only count on 1 hand how many countries have better net then we do and there are almost 200 countries.

KingPin1819d ago

america slow internet?
if your download speeds dont max out at 100kbps you shouldnt be complaining. thats what i have to put up with here.

RBlue_Desire1819d ago

100kbps is too low, no?

If it is below 250 then people should complain.

MidnytRain1819d ago

Yeah, let's say nothing about sucky service because it's worse somewhere else.

WeedyOne1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Because America is huge, plain and simple!

Austin is 1 of 2 cities in the county to get Google's super fast internet service (1GB/sec). I cant wait for the google ISP to launch here in Austin! Im just a town away so hopefully it will spread through the neighboring towns quickly!

greatcrusader441819d ago

I live about 30min from Austin, do you think this will also affect me, my internet is 300 KB/s for download speed so an ISPthay provides that speed would change my entertainment life.

KwietStorm1819d ago

"The rest of the world" is a far too extreme statement. There may be other countries with higher speeds on average, but many other countries have slower speeds than what cell networks output.