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Gadget can chill beer in 30 seconds "An accidental discovery led two beer lovers to inventing an ingenious device that gets beer to that refreshing temperature in record time."

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dilawer3018d ago

It can chill other drinks too xD

GreetingsEarthlings3018d ago

Indeed, the article does mention this but the emphasis has been placed on beer because it was the beverage that inspired the creation of the Spin Chill.

Source: "Of course, alcoholic drinks are not the only substances that can be spun to an enjoyable temperature. Cans of fizzy drinks and pop can also benefit from this gadget. But it was the need for a quick lager cool-down that inspired the Spin Chill’s creators."

Syko3018d ago

Yes, as a fellow Beer Brewer myself in Arizona I have yet to make a Lager as the equipment necessary to control fermentation temperatures and cold crashes are hard to achieve without higher end gear. Especially when temperatures can reach 120F in the summers here. These guys came up with a simple cold crash solution for Lagering beers and then probably started using it to quickly chill and drink beer. Genius really.

dilawer3018d ago

Yeah! lol, I'm sure it does chill other drinks too. :D

Syko3018d ago

Welcome to the future boys...

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