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Watch The Incredible POV Video Of Red Bull Stratos: Felix Baumgartner's Jump From The Edge Of Space

NRM: "Almost exactly one year after Felix Baumgartner did his record-breaking skydive from the edge of space, Red Bull has released spectacular new footage of their Stratos project."

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Crazay3637d ago

wicked video. thanks for sharing. That;s such an incredible feat...admittedly, i'd have had some weightless turds floating around in my suit before jumping.

KingPin3636d ago

i remember watching this live.
sat glued to my TV for like a whole 2 hours.
watching him go up, hearing the radio communications, the stats, the way they monitored every little thing.
the leap off was a goosebump moment.
watching him go through that spin and gain control again...incredible skill.
till the safe landing where i was like "that has to be one of the most incredible things ive ever seen in my life so far."


Watch More Crazy First-Person Footage Of Felix Baumgartner’s Space Jump

Techcrunch: There’s more eye-candy footage of Felix Baumgartner’s epic space jump. Sports video camera hardware startup, GoPro, released a 30-second Superbowl spot of first and third-person perspective of Baumgartner’s free fall from the stratosphere.

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Spiewie 3528d ago

I wouldn't like to try this out...

lucashol3525d ago

Muy buen salto lastima que no supero el record...


Science Faction – Levitation

Clickonline writes... "Rumour has it that since time immemorial man has looked to the skies and dreamt of flying. I have NO IDEA how anyone could go about substantiating such a claim. Reeks of assumption to me!

But flying eh? It’s the shit."

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