Windows Phone 8 Update Paves Way for Larger Display, Full HD 1080p Handsets

Maximum PC: Microsoft on Monday announced that its third Windows Phone 8 update will allow for physically bigger displays with more real estate to play with courtesy of Full HD 1080p (1920x1080) support. It's one of a handful of improvements being introduced in the newest Windows Phone 8 update, which will enable smartphone makers to launch Windows Phone devices with 5-inch and 6-inch displays.

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newsguy2810d ago

but it's a windows phone...

mcstorm2809d ago

Looking forward to the new update. I have the Lumia 925 and for me its the best phone ive owned in a long time and im glad its now started to get a foot in the market I just hope MS can keep it up when the are no longer using the Nokia name.

Revvin2809d ago

It's crazy to see Microsoft in this position, way behind Apple and Googlewhen they had a mobile OS over a decade ago that they never truly exploited. Now they are playing catchup with developers seeming to be not too keen to support Windows Phone including Facebook who are now only just going to release an app with the 8.1 update