Romanian ISP introduces 1Gbps plan for only US$18

Vyralize: While Americans are still forking out big bucks for Internet plans under 100Mbps, Romanian ISP RDS & RCS plans to offer 1Gbps connections from November at just US$18 per month.

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Software_Lover2811d ago

................. American corporations and our greedy politicians suck!!!!!!! Why can't we have reasonably priced internet, amongst other things.

AsimLeonheart2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Wow, what an offer! I am paying $16.5 just for a 1Mbps connection in my country. A 10Mbps connection costs $100 over here! I wish we had such affordable internet connections.

TVippy2810d ago

...because you live better than others as it is, so shut it. =)

SonyKong642810d ago

it's beyond corrupt and disgusting.. In Canada I pay 90/month after tax for 25 down 10 up..

Romania?? Your kidding right? We need a revolution..

We need laws on capitalism.. Maximum profit goals with zero yields lead us down the road of Propaganda, deceptive psychological advertising, fake wars that kill thousands, child slavery labor to make up for shipping across oceans from one end of the planet to the other, and I could go on and on and on..

the west has gone mad and profit margins trump EVERYTHING, including human life..

Crazay2810d ago

Holy crap dude....look to the Canadian ISPs. You want to see over priced garbage? Just look at Rogers, Bell, Telus and Xplornet. Yea.....that's some greedy BS right there.

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Haules2810d ago

Haha Romanians have the cheapest and fastest internet in the world!

Majin-vegeta2810d ago

Lol sorry pal but Japan has them beat well in the speed part not the price part but i would still pay that instead of what i'm paying here in cali -_-.

Haules2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )


Top fastest in the World are:

1. Japan
2. Korea
3. Romania

But a as price Romania is number one.

cell9892810d ago

nice way to shove it in our face, a connection like that here in the US would cost about $600 a month

Tony-Red-Grave2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

you mean *$70. pretty sure google fios is $50, verizon is $100 and everyone else is some generic +$100.

*bubs for you Racer-X thanks for the correcting

Speed-Racer2810d ago

Google is $70 (120 with TV)

cell9892810d ago

Thanks for the correction

Unztayble2810d ago

I can't find anything on the web about this deal besides this article. I am VERY VERY interested in this promotion and would cancel my Comcast subscription in a heartbeat.

I must say these guys offer an excellent deal but they are terrible at marketing this thing.

Speed-Racer2810d ago

Dewd, it's only available in Romania, not the US.

SaulGoodman2810d ago

Got a deal with my phone. $38 bucks a month for unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited 4g internet, and unlimited 4g wifi hotspot. I think that beats this plan.

thereapersson2810d ago

What carrier are you under? Sounds like a load of crap, if you would pardon my skepticism.

Software_Lover2810d ago

Sounds like Republic Wireless. That plan will not be out until November though when they release the Moto X. For older members it would actually be 36.00 (+taxes) because we get 10% off for life.

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