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Maximum PC: I’ve heard from plenty of OG nerds who have long since given up on rolling their own rigs. They almost always ask the same question: “People still build PCs?” or “Why build?”

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Revvin2813d ago

You will pay through the nose for one of those 'boutique' system builders to have what you want. You also have to contend with some sales persons BS who will try to sell you whatever they are being given the best commission on and not necessarily what's best for you or like Origin who it seems have been offered a suitcase full of money to exclusively supply NVidia cards in their systems. There's fun to be had choosing your own spec, researching and shopping around and building yourself knowing you've maximised the performance within your budget. It's so easy these days with moulded plugs, colour coding and OS's that a chimp could install so why pay someone else to do it when you could spend that overhead on the components

GameSpawn2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I work in computer repair in a college town (and also come from a Computer Engineering degree background) and I can tell you based on the variety of customers and people I deal with on a daily basis people are not as able as you'd think to build their own computers much less install as OS.

The biggest problem is peoples' fear. They aren't brave enough to dive in, do some research online (like you or I), and throw the components together with the confidence that when you press the power button everything will work just fine and if it doesn't to have the intuition to diagnose and troubleshoot what went wrong.

You and I and those like us make up a vast minority. It may not seem like that because we all frequent the same websites, but if you get out and about outside the world that is the internet you'd see the vastness that is the computer and technology illiterate (and some of them aren't even in their twenties yet -- seriously I'm amazed at the idiots that are making it into college).

Because of this supply of people who refuse to move past their fear of technology, there will always be a demand for "boutique' system builders as well as computer repair shops.