Best Email Service: Gmail

Maximum PC: Your webmail inbox is the center of your online ecosystem, and not just for your primary email account, but for every other account you have that’s connected to it. Which one’s better? It’s time for the battle of the webmail giants, and it’ll be a doozy. In one corner, we have the Whale of Webmail, the defending champion inboxer: Gmail! In the other corner, the scrappy kid with a big name, the King of Clean, the Preview of Pain,!

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mpctips3189d ago

I'll take me some Gmail, please.

Speed-Racer3189d ago

I use with a custom domain because it's free versus Google which charges 5 bucks per month for custom domain emails. Outlook is pretty impressive as well otherwise. With IMAP and AciveSync support, it's a dream.

nukeitall3188d ago

Even if you have free google apps grandfathered in gmail still screw you over, by not working nice with email clients like Outlook or Windows Mail.

dilawer3189d ago

I use both Outlook and Gmail. I recently started using Outlook after its transition and I'll have to admit it's come a long way since Hotmail. Both services are great.

aviator1893189d ago

I used to be a g-mmail user for the longest time after hotmail started feeling a bit clunkly, but ever since outlook's emergence, I've slowly been transitioning to outlook. It's fluid, looks great, and it's got custom domains and async and imap.

mcstorm3189d ago

I used Hotmail went to Gmail but now moved to Outlook and for me its been the best service ive used so far. Fast easy on the eye and due to now having Windows 8 and Windows Phone it fits in well with my systems. But both have + and - Points.

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