Apple is now the world's most valuable brand; takes spot from Coca Cola

Vyralize: If you’re an Apple fan, you’ll be happy to hear that the company’s brand has been rated as the most valuable for 2013, kicking Coca Cola to 3rd spot.

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eferreira2824d ago

congrats to apple, they deserve it with their high quality products.

LOL_WUT2823d ago

Go Apple! Show em how it's done! ;)

akaFullMetal2824d ago

Maybe now they will pay the taxes they owe to the U.S. instead of holding onto it on some unknown island, waiting for a tax break.

Tzuno2823d ago

apple is quality Coca cola is a addiction.

Felonycarclub82823d ago

I know a lot of people that are addicted to Apple and am one of them lol, but am actually thinking of getting the note 3 instead of the 5s

Tzuno2822d ago

12 addicted have disagreed with me. :)

cell9892823d ago

Hate all you want windows and drone users, but the fact remains Apple does make quality producs, maybe not so much innovative as before, but the quality is there none the less

badz1492823d ago

they should, right? as their products cost an arm and a leg a piece! even the so called 'cheaper' iPhone, the iPhone 5c is not cheap!

eferreira2823d ago

Even Ferrari has cheaper models, doesn't mean it should be affordable to everyone. If you don't have the money for it. Don't blame them, save up.

You get what you pay for and my iPhone 4 still works like the day I've bought it. Can't wait to upgrade.

cell9892823d ago

this is true, but dont get angry about it. You do get what you pay for, Apple products last longer, they dont break or damage easily as most android phones do, which is why you have to get a new one every year, Ive had my 4s for 2+ years now and its still in perfect condition, worth the $200 I paid for it. I have many friends that prefer android and if its not one thing its another, but they always complain about their phones, same with the ipads vs tablets

badz1492823d ago

do I want a Ferrari? sure, why not? it's expensive but has specs to back it up. Apple products? thanks! they are the definition of "over-priced" at lower specs too compared to competitors.

FamilyGuy2823d ago

Apple = over priced because it's stylish

It's like fashionable clothing, the quality is great but the charge is greater than it should be.

KingPin2823d ago

im still rocking an HTC Desire Z. the one with the supposedly weak Z-hinge (see youtube videos if you not sure) and i got my phone in 2010. i still use it everyday and have no issues with it.

how long your device lasts depends on how well you look after it. build quality helps to an extent but what would you say if i told you my friend went through 3 iphones since i got my phone. still think its all about build quality?

badz1492823d ago


You mean others break easily? I'm still rocking on my 1st gen Galaxy Tab. That thing is a tank! Granted that I still have the 1st gen iPad (got if as a prize in a contest) running too...but let me just tell you this, "long lasting" is NOT Apple's exclusive!

Rageanitus2823d ago


its quite funny how delusional how some apple ppl are. It seems that you are implying that you have to have "money" to afford an Iphone. Ummm its pretty much priced the same as a lot of the Android phones out there.

All I can say spec by spec the android is worth more and google has opened the doors to offer more variety in the CHOICE of phones.

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mcstorm2823d ago

Cell989 no one has ever said apple don't make quality products they always have. Alto of there products are also over charged for though look at the iPad vs the surface RR or a apple laptop vs a ultra book. The issue most people have with apple is that they don't change much. The design of the products always look the same and the upgrades are nothing to shout about. But that said one thing apple do that both Microsoft and Google have not managed to do yet is create a buzz about there products and they say that there products is like no other and always the 1st in what it dose.

Apple is at the moment the cool product but technology comes round where you get to the top and go back down again and this will happen to Apple over the next few years and someone else will take top spot for a bit and then they will drop and someone else will take over. Don't believe me look at the mobile market history, or game console history as just an example.

For me though I don't care who is top and I'm also glad Microsoft have now managed to get 12% of the European market but its a shame companys like blackberry ect are not getting a look in as having more types of os's on the market is far better than just one or two.

GentlemenRUs2823d ago

Understandable... They charge over-the-top prices for the DRM paperweight...

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