Google Removes ‘BitTorrent’ From Piracy Search Filter

TorrentFreak- To reduce online piracy Google has implemented several changes to its search engine in recent years. Among other things, the search engine blacklisted dozens of piracy-related terms from appearing in its Autocomplete and Instant services. Both ‘BitTorrent’ and ‘uTorrent’ were included from the start, but TorrentFreak has learned that Google recently unbanned these keywords, resulting in a sharp increase in search traffic.

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Settler2827d ago

It's ironic that a search company is hiding its most sought after search results.

Speed-Racer2827d ago

I don't think you read the story. They unbanned it.

KwietStorm_BLM2826d ago

I think it should be obvious why certain things WERE banned, but the article says they were removed from the blacklist.

Kurylo3d2826d ago

Google tends to actually block results now due to US gov't take down notices... Thats when i switch to yahoo and the same search results are there and the ones that were blocked are now not blocked. Guess Yahoo doesn'y play ball with restricting freedom.

KingPin2825d ago

luckily there is a standalone torrent search engine on the web. so if its blocked or unblocked doesn't really make a difference.