Nokia's 'Thanks Apple' taunt becomes one of the most retweeted brand tweets ever

THE DRUMS- A cheeky Nokia tweet poking fun at its rival Apple has gone down as one of the most retweeted brand tweets ever.

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Settler2826d ago

In the PR industry, this tactic is called "newsjacking."
Just a funfact.

adorie2825d ago

Heh. Apple should put up pictures of how the lines look for the typical Nokia launch. Reverse "newsjacking" :P

Still, it's funny to see Nokia take some shots at Apple.

evil_element2825d ago

Funny thing is, the Nokia Lumia still failed to make an impression on the mobile world of smartphones before Apple made 5C in multi-colours.

Wasn't like Nokie were throwing Lumia's out like candy and big bad Apple came in and took their idea.

cell9892825d ago

Windows phones do suck