We Tried so Hard to Hate iOS7: Why Everyone Loves it

Tech Void - We tried so hard to hate iOS7, and I mean tried. Pre-launch, we had heard developer complaints, ruminations of irritating changes to basic functionality, and the negative hype was oh so tasty, we couldn’t wait to chomp down. But post-release, we just couldn’t find much of anything wrong with the upgrade. We asked our friends, our colleagues, IT friends. Instead, we got what you’ll see below. Here’s a list of why the new iOS7 is amazing and our Android-loving writers have even lost their contempt for it.

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Tiqila2558d ago

"Android is a mess of an OS that’s become so bloated and complicated that even its upgrades are more confusing than reasonable."

dafuq? been using both android and iOS and on Android I find it easy to do what I want, while on iOS I was looking very long time to find "hidden" features or to find out they dont exist...

but iOS 7 looks gorgeous and I cant understand the people who hate on it.