iPhone 5C & 5S Get UK Pricing, UK Release Date Announced

Alternate Week

The iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S will be hitting the UK's shelves on 20th September on all the major networks. The US will also be getting the new iPhone range on the same day in what could be record-breaking sales for Apple.

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techtheweek2825d ago

the iPhone 5S looks pretty nice but, off contract, it's gonna be pricey!

alternateweek2825d ago

Very pricey! Not sure what the price is going to do for sales. Hasn't been a problem for people before!

My_Outer_Heaven2825d ago

Why do we have to pay so much more in the UK compared to US?

In UK 64GB iPhone 5S = £709 which is equivalent to $1136.74

In US 64GV iPhone 5S = $399 which is equivalent to £248.86

WTF Apple! Why are you charging us so much in the UK?

alternateweek2824d ago

Its always been the way. I think that in America they have to pay extra tax on top of it. Not sure though :/