Verizon, caught red-handed

BuzzMachine- Verizon has now on multiple occasions refused to connect my Google Nexus 7 LTE tablet, though the device was publicized widely as working on Verizon and though I know from other users that it will work on its network. On Twitter, its support spokesman said in response to my repeated inquiries over four days:

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Soldierone2828d ago

As a Verizon customer, this is where Verizon falls on its face. They hardly ever offer new products and they are a pain to get anything not purchased from them to work.

Honestly go talk to a Verizon rep about buying a phone from a "third party" they will lie to you in every possible way. I asked Bestbuy if it were true and they laughed and went "no, we don't even have contracts to sign or any of that. We just don't have to pay commission like them."

Also anyone interested in buying an Xperia Z, a Verizon rep let it slip that its possibly coming sometime down the road. Thats too long for me to wait though.