Microsoft emerges as a CPU force with Xbox One and Kinect

IT World - The company we've always called a software firm is making a major hardware play with Xbox One and especially the next-generation Kinect.

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-Mezzo-2835d ago

Yet, it's almost 50% less powerful than PS4.

beereal3602834d ago

bs bruh. Just because its on the internet does not mean its true

Miskonius2834d ago

I really hope this guy got some money from M$ for writing this kind of crap. It would be sad to hear that he did it for free...

defyenz2834d ago

@mezzo. everytime there is an article about microsoft i can always count on you to be the first one to have a negative you make it your mission?just asking coz i am very interested if the company have done you wrong in any way.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2834d ago

Sony emerges as a GAMING force with PS4 and Naughty DOg

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