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Apple Stock Falls 6 Percent Following iPhone Event

Maximum PC: The trouble with being a mega-company like Apple is that the bar is eventually too high. It certainly seemed that way when Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, a modest upgrade to the iPhone 4S, though at least it introduced a much needed bump in screen size. Yesterday, however, rumors of an even larger size iPhone were debunked when Apple trotted out a pair of new iPhone models still featuring a 4-inch display. A day later, the company's stock is taking a beating.

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newsguy2833d ago

where's the innovation?

whatswithjeff2832d ago

This only proves that the 5s and 5c failed

pandehz2832d ago


evil_element2832d ago

Stock goes up and down. Current moment its speculative.

Before shouting that's bull, think what speculative means in stock and shares:

A. Companies go up and down based on buyers lead by brokers lead by individuals based on forecasts.
B. Currently there is no sales data for the new iPhones because its just been announced. When data comes in, it becomes more reflective of the value of a new product.
C. People sell shares off to reinvest in other tech firms because they might not think the public will buy it.
D. Apple may have release inter equity or created new stock within he company.

By Oct-Dec we will have a far better idea of what is happening? Then you can say if Apple is a success or failure.

If you can predicate markets better than brokers at the world trade centre, you better get on the phone and ask them for a job. Because billions of dollars is put on the shoulders of brokers to make milli sec decisions.