Nokia is dead, Newkia rises from its ashes

ZDNet: "Nokia's fate would have been a lot different today if it had taken the Android route, and this is what freshly minted company--aptly named Newkia--plans to do by acquiring as much of Nokia's know-how as possible."

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dilawer2844d ago

I'm not an expert on the subject but I sense a lawsuit coming.

TotalHitman2844d ago

I hope Microsoft keep the Nokia name on their phones instead of using the Microsoft name.

SouthClaw2844d ago

and a deserved one as well. What a pathetic prat.

evil_element2844d ago

Well I haven't seen any amazing products release by acquired companies by M$.

SilentNegotiator2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I wouldn't call it a "pathetic prat"

The guy was with Nokia for 15 years and seems to have loved the experience. He's just trying to preserve a piece of that...he's going about it the wrong way calling it "Newkia", sure, but that's not "pathetic"

You can't blame anyone from Nokia for not wanting to work with the blacksheep OS that is Windows Phone.

ironfist922844d ago

I remember when the Nokia N95 was the hottest phone on the market.

Then iPhone came and knocked em down.

ZeroChaos2844d ago

Shouldn't it have been Yeskia? ;)

dilawer2843d ago

I see what you did there! ;)

tarbis2843d ago

I have to vote Yes to that. XD