Microsoft to Acquire Nokia for $7.2 Billion

Brandsynario - Microsoft has struck a $7.2 billion deal with Nokia and is now officially heading the mobile phone business of the company. Nokia is has been one of the biggest maker of mobile phones but in the recent years it has struggled to maintain its market share.

The deal includes paying 3.79 billion Euros for the devices unit and 1.65 billion Euros for patents, the companies said in a statement today.

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JuniorCE2577d ago

Well... Motorola belongs to GOOGLE
Nokia now belongs to M$

It seems about right...

SilentNegotiator2576d ago

So...they both absorbed small, has-been cell phone companies? Why bother?

Crazay2577d ago

I still can't see it helping them in the smart phone market.

Captain Qwark 92576d ago

you know i have a windows phone and i mostly love it, prob wouldnt switch to IOS or Andriod but its def got its drawbacks esp when it comes to support for apps ( useful ones too nobody cares about 95% of them ) and support for accessories. Until they fix this and do it soon, i dont see them gaining too much more market share. this is a waste of billions of dollars.

andrewer2576d ago