Amazon Service Outage Brings Down Netflix, Instagram And Vine

Alternate Week

An Amazon Cloud server failure caused several online media services to grind to a halt last night (25/08). The main parties that were effected by this glitch were: Netflix, Instagram, Vine, Airbnb and LoveFilm, among others, all of which went down late Sunday evening.

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Speed-Racer2587d ago

AWS always seems to go down in the database and EC2. Even Reddit uses it so they may have had some downtime but they've never lost your data. There really isn't anything as a reliable cloud but it's definitely cheaper and extremely flexible (in the case of AWS). I use Cloudfront for CDN and like how there is no limit on how much you can use (i.e. pay as you go).

Soldierone2585d ago

This was making me so mad when it happened. Trying to use Netflix, and it was buffering every 3 seconds. Thought it was my connection the whole time lol