Why BlackBerry Considers Putting Itself For Sale

ThatNaijaBlog - BlackBerry may have to look for new owners to captain the capsizing ship as new IDC report places the smartphone company at a record 4th position in the mobile market-share.

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mcstorm2582d ago

Its not looking good for BlackBerry at the moment. There new devices are nice and work well but they don't stand out against the Iphone, Galaxy and Lumia devices. I kind of hope they look at going down the WP rout as there are to many Android devices out there now and having blackberry and Nokia fighting for space in the WP environment could be a + for WP. I do wish Blackberry could make a dent in the market though as having more players in the market is better for us customers as the mobile market is now only about 3 OS's and it would be nice to see lots of different devices like in the past rather than Iphone, Lumia's and 30 to 40 Android devices.

MajorLazer2582d ago

..because Blackberry Messenger has lost steam a long time ago

Subzero2002582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

"Why BlackBerry Considers Putting Itself For Sale"

umm besides it being a piece of trash that nobody wants?