How to Save the Troubled Graphene Transistor

MIT Technology Review: Unlike conventional semiconductors, graphene cannot be switched off, a problem that threatens to scupper its use in future generations of transistors. Now physicists think they’ve found a solution.


WCCF: This could be the end of GPUs.

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2850d ago
evil_element2850d ago

Still not fast enough to run Crysis :(

mydyingparadiselost2850d ago

Nintendo will use this tech to create the graphWiine U, a system capable of the most realistic plumber animal slaughters ever seen in any plane of existence. Rated E for everyone.

FlameBaitGod2850d ago

Will it blow our wallets too ?

Bimkoblerutso2850d ago

If I remember, it's much cheaper to manufacture than traditional materials.

Though in this day and age, that means next nothing for what consumers will be paying for it.

M-M2850d ago

Holy crap, and that's just one transistor O_O.

xharrypotterx2850d ago

"and that's just one transistor" Exactly :)

Cernunnos2850d ago

Intel Core i7 where the 7 stands for terahertz. Zomg

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