Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Tablet

ThatNaija Blog - Mobile users will overtake traditional PC users in 2015. This is a prediction by NPD but we are only in 2013 and the transition is happening faster than anticipated.

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Wintersun6162584d ago

I recently purchased a Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite and I agree completely. I know it's not anywhere near the top tier of tablets, but it has it's strengths against both my SGS2 and my laptop and I plan to get a better one in a year or two.

I was glad to notice how the author gave credit to both console gaming (including Vita) and tablets, instead of going full retard with the "tablets are the future of gaming"-mantra.

proudly_X2584d ago

I don't think the tablets can replace the traditional handheld games. I mean, they are made specifically for gaming and have physical buttons.

Maybe that would be another debate. To game or Not to game with physical buttons :D

-EvoAnubis-2583d ago

I don't think tablet/smartphone gaming can or will replace gaming on a dedicated device, but there ARE compelling experiences on tablets, and in many circumstances one would be far more likely to have their tablet on them than their PSP/Vita/3DS. I think there's more than enough room in the market for all.

blackmanone2583d ago

1 Reason Not to Buy a Tablet: You'll get over the fad after a month and go back to using your much more versatile laptop.

Thepro3182583d ago

I use my tablet every day I can walk around my job with it more easier an more comfortable to carry

eferreira2583d ago

I want to buy one tomorrow for a road trip but don't know which one.

It need to play mkv and flv files

Slappy McGee2583d ago

Nexus 10. Stock Android and you can download a player for any file types you need on Android. As far as i know you can't play those files on an iPad.

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proudly_X2583d ago

SilentGegotiator, been a while.. Where have you been?

SilentNegotiator2583d ago

IDK, I'm really inconsistent when it comes to posting on techspy. I'm hard pressed to go a day without posting on N4G, though.

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