Maximum PC | Nvidia Shield Review

Maximum PC: With the Shield, Nvidia aims to deliver a powerful gaming handheld centered around the Android ecosystem and the ability to stream PC games locally onto a mobile device. It’s an ambitious endeavor, but is the Nvidia Shield able to achieve those lofty goals?

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mpctips2863d ago

Neat idea, I just can't personally get past the price.

Sahil2861d ago

That streaming almost sounds like a local OnLive setup. I tried doing something similar with my Nexus 10, Splashtop, and Back To The Future (the game on Steam-I deliberately picked a 'slow' point-and-click game) in windowed mode, and it was just about ok. I guess this is simply a far slicker invocation of the idea, with better controls and support for hosted applications running in full-screen - beats those pointless Android games I guess!