Kim Dotcom Will Move Mega Privacy Services to Iceland to Avoid Spying

TorrentFreak- As the wave of controversy over government spying continues, Kim Dotcom is advising privacy startups to think carefully about where they intend to invest. The Mega entrepreneur is advising companies to stay away from countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, where monitoring is now considered widespread. Dotcom, who has a considerable investment in New Zealand, says his privacy services will move to Iceland if proposed new laws become reality.

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Soldierone2875d ago

I hope something comes from all this bickering. All of congress including our president is waiting for it to blow over and constantly says "oh there is nothing wrong with it."

We have rights for a reason, don't let excuses take them away.

NarooN2875d ago

Isn't he the guy who was behind Megaupload? I still think it's pretty fucked that the site got shut down, government shouldn't have anything to do with the internet like that. There were tons of great files on that site which had nothing to do with illicit activities and/or piracy.