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Android now controls 79.3% of the market share, with iOS dropping to 13.2%

Bussinessweek- Despite beating Wall Street expectations in terms of shipment volumes, Apple's share in the worldwide smartphone operating system market posted a year-over-year decline during the second quarter of 2013 (2Q13). Meanwhile, Android and Windows Phone both managed slight increases during the same period. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, vendors shipped a total of 236.4 million smartphones in 2Q13, up 51.3% from the 156.2 million units shipped in 2Q12. Second-quarter shipments grew 9.3% when compared to the 216.3 million units shipped in 1Q13.

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Speed-Racer2867d ago

I see more green eyes joining the army.

KingPin2867d ago

thats what happens when you focus more on lawsuits and less on product development.

dilawer2867d ago

I think this is because more manufacturers have embraced Android while iOS is only limited to one company only.

off-topic: Android ftw! :D

GraveLord2866d ago

Android is just an open-source iOS would be surprising if it wasn't leading in marketshare.

blackmanone2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

iOS clone... uh, does that make iOS a clone of... you know, UNIX?

Answer, no it doesn't, it's just as equally ridiculous a comparison.

2866d ago
NumOnePS3FanBoy2866d ago

that's just the sad isheep excuse because apple is actually playing catch up by adopting or "copying" android ui features

fatstarr2866d ago

Lmao, All my comments on the internet have been leading up to this moment.

Death to Apple.

the only downside is that all the apple plebs migrate over to android and casual this shit up...

thebudgetgamer2866d ago

"Lmao, All my comments on the internet have been leading up to this moment."

That's pretty sad.

MidnytRain2866d ago

Hey, he has a long-term goal with his internet comments. That's more than what we can say, lol.

thebudgetgamer2866d ago

So an operating system that is on countless super cheap phones has more market than one phone?

That's amazing.

MidnytRain2866d ago

The point is that iOS used to have a lot more.

SilentNegotiator2866d ago

The real question is whether or not it actually lost volume of its own product being used out there, or if Android just gained that many new devices.

blackmanone2866d ago

I find it more amazing that so many people adopted a format that's all about taking your ownership rights away.

SilentNegotiator2866d ago

It's crazy to think that iOS still rakes in over 2x as much app revenue despite the fact.

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