PC Gamers are Propping Up the Declining PC Market

Maximum PC: There's no doubt that tablet PCs and smartphones are taking their toll on the desktop and notebook markets. Your Aunt Mabel doesn't need a tower system to use Facebook, and even little Billy is infatuated with touchscreen devices like the iPad. But there's one group that hasn't been swayed by the handheld mobile movement: PC gamers. Jon Peddie Research (JPR) likens this group to motorcycle and sports car enthusiasts, noting that they're always looking for more speed, power, utility, and handling.

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newsguy2872d ago

master gaming race FTW!

fatstarr2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Glorious PC master race!!!

fatstarr2872d ago

Once more people see the light, the PC will surpass the tablet and the laptop once again.