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The end of the house key? Mobile app lets you open your front door using your Phone

Mail Online - A mobile phone app may soon spell the end of traditional door keys.
The Kwikset Kevo app for iPhone and iPad securely stores electronic keys for multiple door locks on a smartphone or tablet.

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Crazyglues2869d ago

Finally, I've been wanting to get one of these - Finally one is actually coming out... Can't wait.

fatstarr2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

1. black outs
2. lazyness
3. it will be hacked in no time.

not a good idea security wise.

adorie2868d ago

Sounds about right, but what if there was a hybrid lock, both locks from your phone and your key? You could use either, or!

fatstarr2868d ago

the either OR thing is the kicker.

someone could still potentially rob you by copying your smartphone blutooth key.

RedHawkX2869d ago

sounds good untill someone hacks your house and gets in taking all yourstuff and then locks you out lol