New Google Play Services Also Introduces Photo Sphere 'Compass Mode' Just Like Streetview

AndroidPolice: It looks like the new Google Play Services rolling out today held one more surprise besides hints of Android Device Manager. With the latest update, Android's Photo Sphere viewer can make use of the on-board compass, allowing you to navigate a sphere just by moving your device, much like Streetview's "Compass Mode."

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In2iti0n3301d ago

Could you imagine the implications this could have on google glass? since this sways with your head it could create an almost virtual landscape for you to view!

How about your wife or girlfriend sending you a picture of "Just waking up! This is my view!" photosphere.
You bring it up on your google glass and start looking all around your heads panning as everyone on the street thinks that you've gone insane. You see the gorgeous opening where it's looking over a cove, the sunrise is coming up just perfectly and you can almost feel the warmth of the sun even though you're in rainy Seattle. As you look around her room you see all her clothes strewn around and see how expensive the room is as you pan past the naked man in the bed. You realize that there's a naked man in your bed so you pan back and do the little dog head cock of non understanding, then realize it's your best friend. You start crying on the street with everyone on the sidewalk wondering what the hells going on. but it's still on the photosphere and can't look away. So you turn around and see that gorgeous opening in the screen door of the beach and the sunset. And everything seems just fine.