Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Editions Receiving Android 4.3 Update

CrazRoid: "We already saw the update coming to most of the Nexus devices including the old Nexus 7. Now, both Google Edition of Galaxy S4 and HTC One are getting their fair share of Android 4.3 awesomeness."

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GentlemenRUs2879d ago

So the S3 is dead in the water... Great...

badz1492879d ago

I know, right? it was released just last year but even Samsung acts like it doesn't exist anymore! shame on you Samsung for shafting GS3 users!

I don't like Apple even one bit but when they roll out iOS updates, older devices are getting it too minus the oldest one, which is fine. most people are on 2 years contract but it hurts when their phones which are still in contract is neglected like this!

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dilawer2878d ago

That's why I don't like any other Android manufacturer except for Google itself. Nexus devices are the only devices out there that receive updates as long as they are capable of.

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Speed-Racer2879d ago

This is why I settle for semi-less powerful Nexus devices. They may not be the most powerful on the block, but they always get good treatment.

trancefreak2878d ago

HTC ONE is still stuck on android 4.1.2 on sprint. I better get some android love after all the update talk to their flagship device.

Europe has been on 4.2.2 for awhile but cdma is different to code than gsm.

It sucks not having the Kernel being S-Off there a lot of great Roms to play with that could get ported over to US variants without bricking your phone.

trancefreak2878d ago

Hey dude is this for the US or what and why are your comment sections closed?

dilawer2878d ago

No, It's all over the world. Wherever you can get the Google Editions of these devices. You may see the update in a while because mostly these updates are rolled out in phases.
We are working on the comment section. There has been some sort of coding (whatever) problem with it. :)

dilawer2877d ago

@Racer-X thanks for the suggestions. :)

windblowsagain2878d ago

Seriously guys.

I'm still on Samsung galaxy S2.

Other then a bigger screen, not really seeing what the other devices are pushing. I couldn't careless about gaming on a mobile,lol.

If phones want to be taking seriously as gaming devices, they need analogue sticks like the PSVITA.

But i run custom roms now, S4 rom for S2. or CM10.1 etc.

I know it's nice having the latest official roms, but i don't think there will be massive changes on alot of things anymore.