The New Google/Motorola Moto X Smartphone Is A Quiet Delight

POPSCI: "The new Moto X smartphone, Motorola's first start-to-finish project after its acquisition by Google last year, is here.

"Motorola's Moto X Must Be Game-Changing -- Or Else," writes Tim Stenovec, threateningly, at the Huffington Post. "With Moto X, Google Android is about to have its iPhone moment," writes Kevin Tofel at GigaOm. Christina Warren at Mashable asks if the Moto X can "revive Motorola's brand." Motorola is the fourth-biggest phone manufacturer in the U.S.; they've been around for 85 years and have twice in the last ten years completely changed the landscape of mobile phones (the RAZR, in 2004, and the original Droid, in 2009), which is more than most companies can say. They're owned by Google, a company with seemingly endless coffers. They're doing fine, guys.

This is all ridiculous. Not everything has to be revolutionary. Sometimes it's best to just step back, in both hardware and software, and do what feels right. It's an approach that's actually much harder than, say, Samsung's (which is a throw-everything-at-the-wall strategy); Motorola says they actually figured out the idea average volume of a phone's physical size. That takes time! But the end result is something that feels right not something that shouts at you."

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