Simon Says: Does Microsoft Even Know What They Want From The Xbox One

GameNTrain's Simon Marshal writes: As news broke on Wednesday (24th July) about the Xbox One’s ability to act as a development kit for indie developers, it was met with various reactions throughout the gaming community. Many were glad that Microsoft had finally made a decision which benefited indie developers while others were frustrated that this hadn’t been revealed at E3 or at the original Xbox One reveal. As good as this decision may seem, I believe that Microsoft don’t really know what they want from the Xbox One. Even after two months have passed since the Xbox One was unveiled to the world, there are still some issues which seem to cast doubt over the future of the console and the feeling that they are merely adding features to the console based on what Sony is doing with the PS4.

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-Mezzo-2615d ago

It's seems like they don't,... It seems like they're just following Sony's lead.

KingPin2615d ago

microsoft conference
always online
tv tv tv tv
games always available
family sharing

sony conference
<we all know how that went>

microsoft after sony event
"yeah, erm everything we said in our conference is something nobody is ready for so erm...we just gonna do what sony is doing for now. oh yeah and we still got tv tv tv so yeah, our price is still justifiable even though they have a more powerful machine."

but i was just thinking about people that are not in NA like myself, all those TV features are completely useless coz our standards are different. so now im paying for extra stuff im never going to make use of. it makes no sense for me to buy an xone. im not the only one in this boat. i guess MS weren't thinking global when making their machine.