Threat of a Cyber Attack on the UK is so Serious It is Marked Higher Than a Nuclear Attack

News Claimer: The UK government has officially marked the threat of a cyber attack on their country to be higher than that of a nuclear attack.

The UK is number one target for cyber criminals across 25 countries. The main reason for that is lack of laws and legal punishments concerning many relatively small online crimes.

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In2iti0n2884d ago

So, basically, in the UK, as long as you commit small frauds online, you’re free to do it without any consequences?

MrLeroy2884d ago

I'm from the UK, and no, it's not exactly like that. The politicians tell lies, and they do it often. That's what they do. Especially Keith Vaz. He is a known liar already.

Yi-Long2883d ago

... once they block our porn: We will all learn and develop all kinds of new IP skills to still get the data we want, and more! :P

Not to mention there will be anti-fascists groups who will want to take down the government's influence on the web. And rightly so.

Nucky2884d ago

After reading this, it's no wonder the UK is number one target for cyber criminals.
If I were a cyber criminal, I would do my stuff there.

Disclaimer: I'm not a cyber criminal.

Draper2884d ago

You've just been reported to the UK Cybercrimes Comittee. Be warned.

CraigandDayDay2883d ago

LoL I don't think he really is one, but it's funny if you actually reported him.