Now You Can Easily Be Tracked Not Just By NSA, But By a Kid in a Basement

News Claimer: The National Security Agency isn’t the only one who can track your every move with their mass surveillance. Security researcher, Brendan O’Connor, has created a low-cost system of spy boxes and mapping software along with them which will enable anyone to track everyone else in a neighborhood or a city from the comfort of their home (or basement, if that sounds more spy-like).

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In2iti0n2916d ago

Thanks for making it easier to spy on people, mr. O'Connor.
We really didn't have enough of that.

MrLeroy2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I believe he did it for the exact opposite reason. He wanted to demonstrate how easy it is for people to make these devices, and so hopefully we can protect ourselves from these things some more in the future.

thorstein2916d ago

In2iti0n's comment was uploaded from his handheld personal tracking device (aka smartphone with GPS).

In2iti0n2916d ago

So you want to say your smartphone doesn't have GPS?

thorstein2915d ago

No. Did I say that? I just find it funny that people get angry about spying while we carry around personal tracking devices. Not calling for tinfoil hats, nor am I one to advocate spying on citizens (I am a firm believer in privacy ie 4th & 5th Amendment)

Just ironic is all.

Nucky2916d ago

I'm kind of glad to see Raspberry Pi being used in this manner. Maybe a bit creepy, but still... I'm a big fan of it. I mean of Raspberry Pi.

Draper2916d ago

This guy had funding from DARPA. You know what that means, don't you?

MrLeroy2916d ago

That was for his earlier projects. Since DARPA stopped funding him now, you know what THAT means, don't you?

Draper2916d ago

I only know that if DARPA got interested in his work, they'll probably use it for government purposes, one way or another. They don't fund you just because you have pretty eyes.

Tzuno2916d ago

i can see when you touch yourself.

Nucky2916d ago

Well, I wouldn't go that far.

In2iti0n2916d ago

Wait, are you the "Kid in a Basement" mentioned in the title?

fatstarr2916d ago

this is really cool, hopefully it will open up peoples eyes. i hope he pulls the blueprints out for this.

In2iti0n2916d ago

Let's just hope it won't open people's eyes too much so they start spying on each other and that becomes normal since everyone does it.

I wouldn't like to live in a world like that.

MrLeroy2916d ago

I hope you didn't mean that you hope that he will publicize the blueprints for this. I really hope I misunderstood you.

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