Man arrested for Child Pr0n after being tricked by ransomware

Vyralize: A man was arrested after police discovered child porn on his hard drive after he turned it in thinking the FBI had a warrant out for him…for child porn.

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pompombrum2917d ago

Could be a potentially very funny story or a really sad sorry state of affairs cybercrime is getting. I'm not sure how they do it but I hope they didn't just check his computer, found a few completely random images then arrested him and at least done a thorough examination. It can be ridiculously to attach a few indecent images to files. The fact he has been named and pictured means the damage is already done regardless if he is innocent or guilty.

mushroomwig2917d ago

He's clearly not innocent, one of the girls was only 13 years old.

GenericNameHere2916d ago

What kind of child porn exactly? Does having kids in bikinis count? Because I see people on Facebook posting pictures of them with their <13 year old cousins and siblings out in the beach with bikinis on. Lots of parents keep pictures of their kids on their computers too. Or hentai lolis. I don't think having hentai counts as pedophelia though. It's just cartoons... Or anime as obsessed fans would say

SilentNegotiator2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )


It's really tricky law in the US. Usually, it's considered unconstitutional to criminalize someone for simple depictions, but never considered okay if it's a depiction of an actual event or child.

In many countries, these are judged by vague obscenity laws.

In the US, it's usually by STATE obscenity laws because parts of the PROTECT act were deemed unconstitutional, neutering federal power over the subject.

It seems like a victimless crime. We already know that there is no direct correlation between pornography and sex crimes.

SilentNegotiator2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

******I WAS TALKING SPECIFICALLY ABOUT "hentai lolicons"******

Rereading, I wasn't sure that I made that clear. Which would make my last paragraph sound horrible.

pompombrum2916d ago

But what if the randsomware he got infected with installed those images onto his computer? My point being is that viruses these days can easily install things like jpg files and I just hope he was arrested after the police took that into account and examined the indecent images information and only arrested him after they knew that it was him who accessed and downloaded the images in the first place.

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RedHawkX2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

if he had princess 69 dark gymnastics then yeah he is screwed.

do they count young kids who have photoshoped boobs on them and such as child porn? i seen images of miley cyrus and child actors with photo shoped stuff on them on the internet chan sites.

kingPoS2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Heck it's not just computers that are prone to malware, even the venerated smart phone is just as susceptible. Watch what pic you take... you never know who's watching back.

Scary huh

PrimeGrime2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Firstly if people can find child porn, who are these children doing these porn videos? Shouldn't that be looked into.. Also it said images, he didn't have any pornography.

These days if any kid is dumb enough to be giving all that away on the net.. Sadly I don't feel sorry for them, hell those kids aren't any better than these old men these days that want to sleep with them. Blame parents also which play a huge role in children even doing absurd stuff like this.

If you are doing that kind of stuff chances are you are promiscuous child asking for trouble or a child that has deep psychological issues they have experienced in life that lead them to willingly flirt and meet up with anyone they find on the internet.

It isn't normal by any means. Most people with common sense could figure out if some creepy old guy was really the person behind the computer.

Sorry just hard for me to feel completely bad for these kids, when the kids themselves know what they are doing also a huge majority of the time. My point is two wrongs don't make a right and of course there are cases where there are very young children who can't think for themselves that are taken advantage of but my problem is with most these cases, you see these kids in them are capable of thinking for themselves.

SilentNegotiator2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )


We're talking about a guy with pictures of a 13 y/o girl. You can't hold a freaking 13 year old accountable for this.

s45gr322916d ago

Blame the parents yes for their lack of parenting but to blame a child who is still learning about the world around them just no. Is the Internet we are talking about which is very easy to fool a kid. Also what is wrong with these old men wanting to have sexual intercourse with children is just wrong

RedHawkX2916d ago

kids would do it for the money. almost any kid would to get a new wii u or a new ps4 or something. thats why even kids can get in trouble for child porn for trying to profit on it and have to register as a sex offender and such

Draper2916d ago

Poor guy. But I guess he had it coming anyway.

latinillusion812916d ago

I actually got one of these ransomwares but mine was about illegally downloading torrents. It said my computer was.locked and was going investigated unless I paid $400. My friend believed it was real. Good thing I did my own investigating and found out I was being scamned.

s45gr322916d ago

Yeah that's smart of you , hate these ransomwares

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