Instagram User Accounts Get Hacked In a Really Weird Way

News Claimer: A number of Instagram users have complained that their accounts have been hacked with photos of smoothies posted to their accounts without permission (Yes, you read that well – smoothies). In some cases, they’ve been completely locked out after resetting their passwords, and haven’t been able to log in to their accounts anymore.

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In2iti0n2781d ago

"The attack of the smoothies!" and "The smoothies strike back!", or even "The return of the smoothies!"
A funny attack on Instagram nonetheless.

MrLeroy2781d ago

Apple, Viber, and now Instagram. All in nearly a week.
Who's next? Google?

In2iti0n2780d ago

Google is a fortress when it comes to these things. I would love to see someone try to do similar things to them. That would really be a shocker.

Nucky2781d ago

This happened to me today, although it wasn’t a smoothie, but a salad looking thing. They posted the picture and replaced the contents of my bio with their link, but I wasn’t locked out. Instagram actually notified me of it and automatically cleared out all of my authorized apps.

In2iti0n2781d ago

I've actually seen this happen at the beginning of this month as well. Except back then, there were some fruits all over Instagram. And it was about the same "health food company" that has done this now.