Total Stranger Hacks a Smart House and Takes Control of All Devices In The House

News Claimer: It turns out smart houses aren’t that smart after all. Bryan Hatley, a tech enthusiast, has managed to “hack” into a smart house in Oregon, and take full control of very sensitive devices inside and around the house.

Taking control of the sensitive devices means he could turn on and off the lights in any room, as well as TV, heating system, open and close garage doors, and control many other parts of the house that could have had potentially dangerous consequences.

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In2iti0n2931d ago

Such an irresponsibile behaviour from these companies.

If a regular Joe could manage to do this, imagine what would happen if a real hacker with bad intentions wanted to "access" someone's home.

Nucky2931d ago

People have to deal with the consequences. If we are striving towards making every device in our home connected to Internet, then we have to understand that comes with certain risks of these things.

Cam9772931d ago

It's funny but unfortunate for the homeowner.
Just think of the possibilities! They could run all taps, electrical appliances, lights and the like.

In2iti0n2930d ago

They could simply have lots of fun playing the "haunted house" on the owners.

It would be so difficult for me to resist doing that.

MrLeroy2930d ago

They could also pretty much end up in jail for doing that.

Since they clicked on a Google search results link in order to get to their control panel, imagine how easy for authorities would be to find out who did it.

Mounce2930d ago

Anyone who thinks having a Smart House is Smart of them are infact Idiots.

Anything with the Label 'Smart' by majority will be sought and owned by an imbecile, that is the day and age we live in.

Smartphone? Idiot Owner.
Smarthouse? Naive, idiot owner.

What's next, Smartlife, you get instructions on how to properly live and it's a major success, the inventor of said-device becomes a Trillionaire in NO time.


sourav932930d ago

So I'm guessing you don't own any smart devices then?

Nucky2930d ago

The people with old Nokias are the most intelligent creatures on earth?

Gotta get me one of those right away.

KwietStorm_BLM2930d ago

Nice generalizations you got goin there, from the apparent genius.

Mounce2929d ago

@sourav93 - None. My last phone was a god damn Motorola Razor, LOL

Nokias/Razors, go flip-phones! Look all badass flipping that shit and going, "YEAH!" when answering it.

Apparently my comment implied myself as a genius to the delinquent named KwietStorm. Cause I mean, it has genius written all over it. Take your medication PLEASE.

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MrLeroy2931d ago

Whatever people use that is connected to internet, it can be hacked. End of story.

Draper2931d ago

Oh, no, disconnect all computers from the internet, we are at risk!

MrLeroy2930d ago

No need to be mad bro, I'm just sayin'.

hazelamy2930d ago

like, say, a camera that can understand what you're saying, tell who you are, and even read your heartbeat?

i wouldn't want one of those in my house.

Draper2930d ago

That would actually be cool.
And I don't see any of its functions requiring it to be connected to the internet.

KwietStorm_BLM2930d ago

Good thing we're on techspy and not that other place..

Shad0wRunner2930d ago

For one thing...

If you set up your house (lights, water, gas, garage, doors, locks and appliances) to run off of internet controlled infrastructures - your'e an idiot, in the first place. Seriously, your'e just asking to be hacked.

I wont even own a car with OnStar support. If OnStar can remotely unlock your car doors...what makes you think other people cant? Cars that run off of remote killswitches, can be shut down and disabled remotely, with the click of a mouse. No thank you.

The whole idea SOUNDS COOL, but when you look at it objectively and actually think about it...your'e just making yourself vulnerable.

SilentNegotiator2930d ago

Screw OnStar...I was THIS close to escaping the po-po.

RedHawkX2930d ago

its just rich people or people who are trying to be cool or something getting these stupid devices and such. pretty dumb to have a smart house and car. i mean really its just dumb and the newest thing is this kinect crap monitor and hear your whole family 24/7 always kinected in the cloud. another device that needs to die and only dumb people want and then when its to late they will try and pull a 180 and change there minds but end up doing a 360 instead and just being fail

Draper2930d ago

Too bad the world is full of dumb people, and those devices will always sell.

Shad0wRunner2930d ago

Ironically enough, Watch Dogs actually promotes a way.

Cops: So what made you think you could hack into the CIA database, in the first place?

Kid: Watch Dogs.


In2iti0n2930d ago

It's good that they haven't invented watch dogs that can be controlled via WiFi yet.

Although, I don't doubt they'll make those soon enough.

s45gr322930d ago

You know maybe in five to ten years we may see it happening.

s45gr322930d ago

LoL that's what happens when everything is running from the Internet, instant hack

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