Ads coming to Instagram in the future

Vyralize: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg once again has reminded the world that ads will be coming to Instagram.

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fatstarr2770d ago

ugh it will be just like going on web forums that are filled with poster style ads.

if they could make it subtle it will work.

MrLeroy2769d ago

No one can make ads subtle. IF they did, they would be inefective. Ads are made to not be subtle.

fatstarr2767d ago

on instaggram if there was some aggressive bright yellow ad in your feed you would roll right over it..

but if it were creative and looked like a regular pic it would get more attention.

GuyThatPlaysGames2769d ago

Ads have ruined everything. I never have went out and bought something because of an ad. Myspace got cluttered with ads so everybody left, Facebook is covered in ads, and Youtube is ad-heaven.