The Snow That Blanketed Mars

Vyralize: New findings from Brown University strongly hint that snowfall was commonplace on Mars and helped form its terrain long ago.

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Shad0wRunner2771d ago

Yeah, anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together already KNEW this.

Now, tell NASA and other government agencies to STOP lying about their photos.

NASA: Dont mind that blurry smudge you see there in that's just a little thing we like to call PHOTOSHOP. LOL

MWH2771d ago

blasphemy, the earth is flat and is the center of the universe.

Agent_hitman2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

I don't really understand why NASA is so obsessed with Mars lately... I don't want to live there honestly, I would rather choose to die here on our Mother Earth if the end comes..

Besides if ever the end of Earth will come, I don't think there's a spaceship that is huge enough to carry billions of stupid people on earth to bring them to mars. Some scientists on Earth are purely delusional, they play like Gods..