British ISP tells Cameron to sod off over X-rated filter proposal

Vyralize: British ISP Andrew & Arnold has responded to David Cameron’s push for Internet censorship in the UK by offering either unrestricted access to the net or the option to move to North Korea.

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Anarki2919d ago

This government is ridiculous! It's good to see the ISP's taking a stand, even though they wont win.. :/

GraveLord2919d ago

I don't see a problem with it. They are blocking porn for people and if they still want to watch porn they can still do it by removing the restriction. This works well for porn addicts as they can continue their vice and it works well in protecting childred as mom and dad are unlikely to say "please let us watch porn".

Parental Controls and filters rarely work on computers and kids will easily get around them.(password is in mom's "hidden" drawer"

abc12332919d ago

How can you fail to see the problem here? How many people do you think would be willing to try to convince their partner to agree to opt out of the block? How many fights and awkward moments do you think this will cause. Not to mention censorship of other things being much easier to implement if this goes through.

If parental filters rarely work, why on earth do you think this will? Kids these days aren't stupid, a good proportion of them know how to use proxies. This isn't going to protect kids from porn. This isn't going to remove vile content on the internet. All this is doing is allowing the government to step foot in territory which it really doesn't belong in.

nirwanda2919d ago

Loads of things get blocked with a content lock.
My phone for example has a built in content lock and I can't even check the lottery numbers for anyone without it blocking me.
Can you imagine trying to tell my girlfriend I would like to enable porn on the Internet just to do something simple like check lottery numbers.
This government has already proved it can be bought by big companies with the whole cigarette farce.
Trust me this is just the start of a president.

monkeyfox2919d ago

@gravelord - Couldnt agree more (i was your only agree), really dont see it as a big deal.. People going on about "freedom" or "rights" are just idiots. We have censorship in many other areas of society, whats different here?

@abc123 - "Fights", "Awkward moments"? Are you kidding? people need to grow the f'k up. If you have to hide $hit from your partner like that, you're an idiot... Grow some balls. Learn to have a more honest relationship.. jeesh...

abc12332918d ago

If only all relationships involved complete and utter honesty with neither partner having to hide anything from the other. Unfortunately that is not how it is in reality, grow up. Even if we ignore the tension this will cause, are you telling me that you're perfectly fine with censorship of the internet? What if further down the line this filter was extended to extreme views, or views which don't sit well with the government. Also, why exactly does the government feel that it is their duty to do what parents should be doing? This is just makes Britain into a nanny state. Hell, let's say that you're one of the idiots who is perfectly fine with all of the above, from a practical sense how can you think this will work? Several years ago filters had to be removed from hospitals because doctors couldn't access research on breast cancer, something similar will almost certainly happen with this, this will cause many problems and fix nothing

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pompombrum2919d ago

More people need to stand up against Cameron on this.. it's ridiculous. He then justifies it by like what every single damn politician does and uses children as a reference as to why they need to implement it.

What we need is a new political party here in the UK made up of nothing but clowns. Give us voters a way to vote our disgust at the fact that no matter who we get in, they're all a bunch of bloody clowns.

shivvy242918d ago

Yeah Australia is being run by clowns too !

dennett3162919d ago

If you want to censor the porn on your internet, you should have to put it in writing to your ISP that you want it blocked.
I'm sick of the lack of responsibility of a huge number of parents nowadays...they want everything to bend to their convenience rather than them having to do any leg work themselves. They don't like violent or sexual movies/TV shows? They want them all banned rather than actually taking steps to monitor what their kids are doing on a one to one know, parenting them? That's too much like hard work for some, it seems...much easier to whine and bitch and try to sanatise the world around them.

GraveLord2919d ago

Shouldn't X-rated content be blocked by default? Why should this be accessible by children if their parents are too stupid to work a computer?

This is for the greater good. Only porn addicts are complaining about it.

Speed-Racer2919d ago

How many kids do you know have become totally corrupt because of porn?

mushroomwig2919d ago

Don't be ridiculous GraveLord.

Kurylo3d2919d ago

So what your saying is it should be the companies job to parent and safe gaurd YOUR children..

Thats like asking a stranger to watch your kids while you go to work.

GraveLord2919d ago

Adding an additional barrier to overcome to watch pornography can only be a good thing. Hopefully most people are too embarrassed to ask the restriction to be removed...and rightfully so. Watching porn isn't something to be proud of. It's embarrassing. A sign of weakness and loneliness.

Can anyone really tell if someone is corrupt because of porn? I mean porn isn't necessary to watch. It's a vice mostly enjoyed by lonely people. If you are in a happy marriage or relationship, you don't need porn at all.

Kids can live without porn and so can adults. If it really is that important that you have access to porn then you should probably re-evaluate your life. I hope the USA does something similar.

I have been porn-free ever since I got into a steady relationship 2 years ago. I just don't need it.

Kurylo3d2919d ago

What if your girlfriend enjoys porn as much as you do? Porn isnt pathetic. Its only pathetic if your entire life is structured around it. But the porn industry is pretty much the most profitable industry in the world next to oil. Thats saying that your theory pretty much implicated the entire planet is porn addicts who are desperate and lonely.

Not going to argue the facts that porn is about fantasies and escaping reality just like television or movies. Its entertainment. What I will argue is forcing people to live with your morals.. and putting it into law. I personally think you and your thoughts make me sick. So to say a law should be written in your favor and agaisnt the vast majority is a bit of a joke.

Kurylo3d2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

----------------------------- ------
Gravelord wrote in PM: (Only reposting it because he immediately blocked me from giving him a response lol.)

No, parents still make the final decisions. If a parent decides that they don't care if their child watches porn then its up to them to remove the restriction.

I think 99% of parents will be fine with this. Not everyone has the time to monitor their childs internet use or check if the browsing history has been cleared and have awkward conversations with their kids about how porn is wrong or dirty or whatever.

The government is doing parents and kids a service here. Only a porn addict would have a problem with this.


I think its not fair to the internet service provider. They dont make the porn. Your argument would have been better suited to say that all adult companies should be checking to see if your 18 or older before going to the website other wise the website could be blocked..

Which still i would be against cause i dont beleive in censorship at all.

Your asking a third party that has nothing to do with the situation or industry to police it... which is impossible I may add.

Simply stopping your children from using the internet unsupervised if you want to be a parent.

nirwanda2919d ago

Like my content block on my phone, your giving free rein to the government to block what ever they feel is damaging as soon as they implement it you will get all the big money men saying this is damaging our business can you block it for us.
Tv companys blocking football or tv series streamed from other countries, music etc.

SkullBlade1692919d ago

The parents should shut up and learn what the equipment in their house actually does.

Why o why2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Dude. I watch porn with my partner....loneliness, weakness..... ha, you really should get out more if those are your views. Porn can be many things for different people like alcohol..... good for some, bad for others....but at least porn kills far less people if any at all.

For the record I dont mind there being a sex lock/opt in barrier as many stupid stumble upon sites have stupid unrelated adds/popups that kids may click.

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mixelon2919d ago

I'm a parent and I'm sickened by Cameron's approach to this issue. They're only doing it to score points with the tech-dumb demographic. Anyone who knows anything about the issues here realises it won't achieve any of what they're aiming for, and just causes a host of much worse problems.

We're going to end up a country of people on encrypted VPNs if the govt keep blocking and making things inconvenient, which SURELY has much worse implications for real issues like crime. They're being so short sighted it's infuriating,

Spontogical2919d ago

Wouldn't it makes sense to have people 'Opt Out' to ponorgraphic material rather than to 'Opt in'.

Britain is surely turning into a nannystate if it hasn't already.

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