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Ubuntu Edge might just change the computing world

ZDNet - It looks like Ubuntu Edge will reach the $32 million goal that Mark Shuttleworth set to begin building the hybrid smartphone PC. But will it have a market? Could it replace the traditional PC?

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-Mezzo-2928d ago

This turned out to be a wrong time to be broke.I so badly wanted to fund this and reserve me an Edge.

Raf1k12927d ago

How does this work exactly? Does funding simply mean you're getting the phone when it's out or that you're guaranteed that you can purchase it when it's out?

-Mezzo-2927d ago

Yes, I'f you contribute $625 to their Goal, you will be rewarded with an Ubuntu Edge. Basically you're Pre-Ordering this,... But, with a fear that if it fails to reach it's goal, you're cash is gone.

ScepticTankAvenger2927d ago

I'll happily wait until it comes out with full support.
It looks like an outstanding device.