Sony's PS4 Has Fifty Percent Lead Over Microsoft's Xbox One, Says Strategy Analytics Survey

Prnewswire - Sony's PS4 will have the edge over Microsoft's Xbox One in the new games console battle which will erupt later this year according to feedback from Strategy Analytics' latest ConsumerMetrix survey. According to the report, "Games Consoles: Purchase Intention Index Q2 2013", 14.2 percent of consumers are very or somewhat likely to buy a PS4 within the next twelve months compared to 9.5 percent who will buy an Xbox One. If the results were reflected in sales data this would imply that sales of PS4s would be nearly fifty percent higher than Xbox One. The survey interviewed a representative population sample of more than 6000 respondents across the US and Europe in June 2013.

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-Mezzo-2931d ago

I did not needed a Survey for that,... Almost everyone is aware of the fact that PS4 is currently ahead of Xbox one.

evil_element2929d ago

Lies, lies, lies. Everyone will love the TV and Water cooler console. You will see.