7-year olds rack up $3,000+ iPhone bill

Vyralize: In-app purchases strike again, this time resulting in a $3,000 iPhone bill being sent to Paula Marner.

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Rai2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

why do 7 year olds have an iPad..and why if the parents credit card information on it..I take my information out of everything when I'm done buying stuff.

Crazyglues2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

ahh.. silly kids, they probably didn't see any harm in paying $99 dollars for 12,000 gems because they don't have a job... LoL

(which also explains why they wouldn't understand that this is a huge rip-off)... LoL

The funny thing is all of this can be solved by apple, by just adding a second password for all in-game purchases....

So basically the device has one password (to gain access) and another to make a purchases -by default- so when something is asking for money it will ask for your money password, not the device password. -because parents always give the device password to there kids forgetting that also let's them purchase.

-And this system of two passwords can be turned off for people who don't have kids, but it will be on by default.

-Apple feel free to send me an application to come work for you guys..-(because if you couldn't figure out how to stop this from happening by now something is wrong with the guys you have working for you now)

SilentNegotiator2925d ago this really news anymore? Stupid kids use F2P games and end up buying thousands of dollars in game currency or whatever. It probably happens every week now.

quenomamen2925d ago

Keep using devices as babysitters dummies.

RedHawkX2925d ago

the kid shouldnt even be playing with an idevice. get the kid a 3ds for f*cks sake and pokemon. to many parents trying to make there kid cool or something. you dont let your kids play with premium adult devices period. get them there own toys. freaking making 3000 worth of purchases and spilling milk on the iphone and dropping ipads and sh*t. what are you people thinking. why?

you dont get the kid a idevice untill the kid is in middle school and or high school. you got freaking 7 year olds running around here with ipads and sh*t instead of actual game devices. i dont understand why a parent would let a kid use there i device though its like dude you see how fragile these things are not to mention i doubt you have parental lock on your we browser lol.