Apple reports Q3 2013 revenue of $35.3 billion, iPad and Mac sales decline

Engadget - It hasn't been a particularly quiet quarter for Apple, at least in the announcement department. But, as far actually shipping new products, Q3 of 2013 has been relatively uneventful. Perhaps that's why the company's revenues are down to $35.3 billion, from $43.6 billion in Q2. Still, while its revenues are down significantly from the last two quarters, things are pretty stable year-over-year.

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-Mezzo-2778d ago

Not surprised by the Decline of Mac, but never thought iPad will be in decline.

In2iti0n2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

There's only so many tablets you can sell.

-Mezzo-2778d ago

Agreed, but i was thinking that all the fanboys will also buy a New iPad every year, just like they do with iPhone.

cytricks2778d ago

This doesnt seem too bad. People are waiting for newer/cheaper hardware. When the next iPhone or iPad comes out current ones are discounted. It is been how long now since the iPhone 5 was released with no announcment on a new one.

As far as Macs, most of their hardware is due an update soon so again people are waiting.


-Mezzo-2777d ago

Well, lets wait and see.