Why the Surface RT Failed and the iPad Did Not

NY Times: At first glance, to most consumers, the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface RT tablet computer look somewhat similar. They are both rectangular, have crisp screens and can boast a slick and clean design interface.

Yet on Thursday Microsoft announced that it was taking a $900 million write-down to reflect unsold inventory of the Surface RT. That’s a stark comparison to Apple’s iPad, which continues to break record sales and has sold more than 100 million devices.

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In2iti0n2783d ago

The iPad is so far and away the best tablet on the market. Period. You would have to be either a dope or hate Apple (which is a valid reason) to even consider buying another brand of tablet.

Aussiegamer2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

U must be trolling.

Draper2783d ago

The main reason people don't buy the surface is the price. It is markedly overpriced compared to the competitors. Cut the price of the pro and RT by several hundred dollars and they will fly off the shelf Just like the defunct HP tablet.

Crazyglues2782d ago

Actually it's interesting to hear steve jobs tell it, because he nails it...

The tablet was a failed product from the door because it was trying to be a PC and when apple did tablets the first thing they did was move away from it being a PC and think of it more like a tablet with it's own rules...

Fast Foward to 35:09 -

Steve Jobs says it best...

Dubblewhopper2782d ago

I despise Apple, but the reason for MS's failure is there reluctance to listen to there consumers, and there junk OS Win 8.

evil_element2782d ago

The problem is and always will be, no one knows enough about the OS on it.

iPad sells because Apple stores exist to educate and entice users.
Apple stores allow people to use their products without purchasing them first. Apple staff can tell consumers how the device works because they sell only Apple hardware. People then become happy using it and they sell it to consumers.

Microsoft fail completely on the above.

No stores or too little to make an impact.
Too many retailers, with little to no knowledge of the product there selling.
Microsoft don't educate the consumer.
Microsoft is associated with complex and hard to understand computing.
Consumer leaves retail store feeling confused on the product.
Consumer has to justify purchase of item.
Consumers follow friends/family/social media advice

The Microsoft product isn't a technical failure, it fails in execution.

Microsoft in the thought they had the same power to sell devices to that of Apple, but they just simply do not. If they pull together their execution and launched Windows 8 as product range rather than PR campaign they might have been celebration right now rather than be sulking.

I blame Steve Ballmer, he isn't a tech guy/PR genius/thinker he is a poor leader.